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2 SSID's to 1 WLAN?

New Contributor
We are looking to see if it is possible to setup multiple ESSID’s on a single WLAN through the Ruckus ZoneDirector software. We have a requirement that would necessitate the need to set up 2 or more SSID’s over a single WLAN as opposed to configuring a number of ESSID’s to an equal number of WLAN with all assigned to a common WLAN Group.

New Contributor
Bump, I am trying to achieve the same thing, 1 WLAN but 2 SSID. We have one in place and it works perfect (10.x.x.x ip) but I need the 2nd SSID to use the DHCP option and whoever connects to the 2nd SSID to have a different IP address (192.x.x.x) Anyone?

Valued Contributor II

Yes this can be done. Take a look at the screenshot in this comment. You can have multiple WLANs with different name however with same ESSID. Each unique ESSID can support different or same config which is ur need and its the ESSID which gets broadcasted in the air

One use case where i used this was one controller in building X where users get IP from VLAN 10 however this controller also supported users in a different building which had a different VLAN scheme so default ZD behaviour was NOT suitable and customer was NOT keen on Dynamic VLAN as they did not wanted to complicate the matter further..

this worked for them and i think this should also work for you if my understanding was correct of your issue..Image_ images_messages_5f91c41f135b77e247973b9f_5db976aa66c627aa6d35e5048c4b4caa_RackMultipart20160116288601v66-fbb32bf7-999e-46d1-8313-3d08b313f6e3-1958862139.png1452967328

New Contributor
Thx for reply, but my question is how do I assign a different IP to the 2nd config. First config has no IP allocated because they are located by the server. But on the second config I want to have 192.x.x.x to prevent those login in to this config to have access to the network.

You can assign different IP by means of Layer 2 seperation i.e. VLANs
10.x = VLAN 10
192.x = VLAN 20