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ZoneFlex 7982 compatible with ZoneDirector 1200?

New Contributor

Does anybody know if the ZoneDirector 1200 is compatible with the ZoneFlex 7982 AP's? We have a customer that is thinking about getting the ZoneDirector 1200 but we are unsure if the old AP's will work with that controller.

I do not unfortunately have access to the KB article that provides information regarding which AP's that is supported from which ZoneDirectors.

New Contributor III
Hi Smith,

Yes it can, but you have to ask what's the FW version of 7982. Also, you may consider to sell UNLEASHED. it is much cheaper and it doesn't need to have a controller. it can managed up to 25 AP. offer this model (UNLEASHED) only if the deployment is simple network. 

New Contributor
Hi Batman,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Which way is the easiest for the customer to gain information regarding the firmware? Is it possible to connect directly to the AP's with a console cable and a terminal session to get the information?

The customer currently have 5 ZoneFlex 7982 laying around.

If I recommend the customer the Unleashed solution would the R500 be the best/cheapest option for a very standard WLAN configuration?

Esteemed Contributor II
Good morning,

   We don't have an Unleashed firmware for 7982 due to CPU/RAM limitations in prior to 802.11ac models.
I created a spreadsheet to show What APs are Supported in What ZoneDirector Versions, KBA-6452 that
I hope will help customers.

   The ZD1200 is first supported by ZD (GA) release, and supports the 7982 model AP clear
through to current (MR1) code.  Controller administration is centralized, cleaner, and you buy
support on the ZD for as many APs as needed, with usage visibility, reporting, alerts, etc.

   You *can* configure 5 x 7982s on Solo/Standalone code, with identical SSIDs and will still work in most
environments, except that roaming between APs will require re-authentication (not a big deal if only using
L2 WPA passphrase encryption versus L3 AAA/RADIUS level authentication), and might introduct a blip
in streaming audio/video, but ought to work as a least cost solution, depending on client application needs.

   Using a controller also allows you to use Mesh, to extend the 7982 coverage further than wired ports.