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Wireless connection has dropped access to the network

New Contributor
We've recently experience major changes to our network including endeavouring to remove all VLANS, excepting the default vlan1.
We previously used a smoothwall box as radius but this is powered off now as we go out via a lightspeed box in the cloud.

It's been okay for a week or so but now the laptops have lost their connection to the network, such that the signal is still okay but users are unable to connect to their network shared areas nor the internet.

When checking their wireless network adapter it reports a local 169... or 192... IP address which is not given out by DHCP.

If the user connects via an ethernet cable normal service is resumed however, this is not okay as not all teaching spaces have data ports, let alon be in the right location.

I don;t where to check why this is happening. Any ideas please?

New Contributor III
Not everything is clear from what you mentioned. 169... IPs are usually given if no IP can be received from DHCP. 192... is strange. What i was going to do if i was you is to connect my laptop on the same cable that arrives on the AP (of course take out the POE). If you still get those IPs, then there is no issue with your APs. 192... IPs can be given by a second DHCP (by mistake) but in such case i can't understand why you don't get the 192... IPs on other wired as well. Verify that only 1 cable goes from your router to your LAN.

New Contributor
Thanks but I believe the issues are with our core switch as DHCP is not communicating effectively with the end user devices.
I've got external support coming in Friday morning to resolve this.