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What are the best tools for wifi performance comparison / assurance / monitoring?

Contributor III
What tools are people using to to verify the health and performance of their wireless networks?

Assuming you were evaluating different wifi brands/models/solutions, what tools would you use to measure + compare how well those solutions worked in your environment?
How would you verify that your wifi environment continued to perform well over time?

New Contributor
I'd take a look at the Streetwise platform for Wi-Fi from Epitiro. Vendor-agnostic and scalable.

Contributor III
Thanks for that info.

Primož Marinšek suggested 7signal sapphire.

You're suggesting ipitiro ipQ_WiFi? (soon to be SteetWise WiFi)

What experience do you have with that solution?

New Contributor
We've actually got experience of both solutions, having evaluated both in our Labs. Our requirement at the time was focused on a large number of urban high density zones- with a particular need to understand Subscriber QoE - the drivers were Video (such as YouTube) and Social (Facebook, Twitter and others) and consumer focused generally. The 7Signal devices were not as close a fit for us at this time. I cannot go into a lot of detail due to my employment contract but we favored the epitiro one ( I don't see the product documents I've got in that section - maybe you need to make contact for that.


Any good option /sugestion in opensource products?