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WatchDog Advanced Hardware Replacement

New Contributor
With the AHR part number :803-T300-1000 and 803-P300-1100.
may i know the process to claim a replacement unit.
- Do we need to return the faulty unit before i receive a replacement unit? 
- Is the replacement unit will ship on next business day?

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, please contact Tech Support.
Advance replacement can occur by next day, but return before is not required.

New Contributor
Hi Micheal, thanks for your information..
may i know the following information as well (with the AHR part number:803-T300-1000 and 803-P300-1100)-
1) The replacement unit will ship from Ruckus or local distributor?
2) We need to return the faulty unit within how many days?
3) The replacement unit will ship to local distributor warehouse or customer site (directly)? or we can choose where to deliver?