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WPA2 KRACK Questions & Answers - Resource page

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    Much concern about possible impact of announced WPA2 KRACK vulnerabilities, and Ruckus would
like to provide information and answer your related questions.  Please view the WPA2 KRACK support
resource center page:

   There are knowledge base articles that describe Rogue Detection, and details on checking 802.11r
enable/ disable state, link to a TME blog on the problem, and industry links related to WPA2 KRACK flaws.
Information regarding specific platform firmware patch release availability will be provided shortly.

That's good to know, I appreciate it. You mention locking the channel, I was unable to find a setting within the GUI and the guide doesn't mention it that I have found. Is this a CLI only command? If so can you point me to some documentation on it?

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I just created a public visible KBA-6480 with this content:

If you have been instructed to "lock down" the 7731 point to point bridge frequency channel,
you can view the current channel in use, and configure the bridge to stay on this channel.

Figure 1:  Status::Wireless

Current channel in use is Channel 100, and the 7731 is currently set for SmartSelect channel algorithm.

Figure 2:  Configuration :: Wireless :: Root Bridge

Use the Channel drop-down list to find the Channel 100 currently in use and click on it.
This will keep the Root Bridge AP setting on Channel 100.  (SmartSelect is default).

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While mgt determines how to provide a 9.2 version patch, you aren't at much risk since clients who can be compromised aren't likely connecting to your PtP bridges... 

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This bridge provides internet to a building that contains our HR department. Anything greater than 0 is considered a risk. 

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If the bridge or mesh AP channel is static, the AP is not vulnerable to MITM attack, which is a necessary part of the replay attack.  Find your best PtP link channels, and lock them down for 0 risk.