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WPA2 KRACK Questions & Answers - Resource page

Esteemed Contributor II

    Much concern about possible impact of announced WPA2 KRACK vulnerabilities, and Ruckus would
like to provide information and answer your related questions.  Please view the WPA2 KRACK support
resource center page:

   There are knowledge base articles that describe Rogue Detection, and details on checking 802.11r
enable/ disable state, link to a TME blog on the problem, and industry links related to WPA2 KRACK flaws.
Information regarding specific platform firmware patch release availability will be provided shortly.

New Contributor III
Is there anything on the 7731 bridge? The only thing listed in the patches is the P300 bridge. 
For the 7731
End of Software Development & Maintenance: October 31, 2017

since ZF7731 does not use mesh and 802.11r...  hence this product is not vulnerable..

I don't believe that is correct. The non-root bridge behaves just as a client would, and an attacker could force a channel change then intercept the new 4-way handshake. 

Also, if bridges aren't affected why is the P300 being patched...

Esteemed Contributor II
Monnat is correct. P300 algorithm *is* based on Mesh, zf7731 is not, but.. they do behave like a client-AP and uses 4 way handshake.  We will need to patch the client side code in 7731 too. Still, lock down your channels and protect physical proximity.