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Use the vSZ as DHCP server

New Contributor II
Hello everybody,

We have an issue with our DHCP server and we were thinking to use the vSZ as DHCP server while we solve the server problem.

We have many SSID, each one with diferent Vlan and addressing and traffic is tunneled.

We would like to know if:
- It is possible to use the vSZ as DHCP server to bind the addressing that we need is each Vlan/SSID, our gateway must be the router and not the AP?
- We foud in the controller two types of configurations: DHCP settings (AP) and DHCP profile (DP) what is the diference between each other and how to configure it.


New Contributor III
I personally would not use the VSZ as DHCP server.

it requires an licence activation for an non-insignificant amount of money and i dont think it is that great anyway.

If you cant fireup a VM to host your DHCP subnets or place them on your gateway,

Take the money you would use for the DHCP activation on the VSZ and buy a couple of Supermicro servers and create a split DHCP scope across them for HA.

Or buy a box full of Raspberry Pi 4 's and put one for each vlan/ssid and manage them with ansible.

New Contributor II
Hello Jason,

Thank you for the answer, we spent some hours trying to configure it without success. we didn't know that it requires a licence. We'll try with a VM as it is a temporary solution.

New Contributor III
Thats a shame about the amount of time you spent on it.

Unfortnately to use DHCP and also even just to perform NAT requires a seperate licence activation.

Its a commerical constraint from my perspective.

̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄