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Upgrading from Old ZoneDirector 1006 to ZoneDirector 1200

New Contributor III
I am upgrading my existing ZoneDirector 1006 with firmware 9.3.4 to a newly purchased ZoneDirector 1200 with the default firmware - which should be 9.8.something.

I have about 25 APs, VLAN config, SSID, all the bells and whistles including all the naming convention, location, very-very detailed settings..

I tried to backup the settings on the ZD1006, then proceed to ZD1200, and tried to restore...

Oops, bad news - the settings is not compatible and I am stuck.

I really don't wish to re-configure all the settings from scratch.. any-way I can migrate the configuration without having to re-do all the AP and WLAN information?

Valued Contributor
Think you need same firmware on both ZDs for compatibility.

Wait for a definitive from someone who's done it.

This post similar situation:

Esteemed Contributor II

Sorry Joke,

    The graceful ZD (older model) to ZD (newer/larger model) would require that both models

of ZoneDirector can run the same firmware versions.  Unfortunately, the ZD1000 can only run

as high as 9.3.4 code, while the ZD1200 is first supported in 9.9.

     You have no alternative but to re-define your WLANs on the new ZD1200, but you may find

the Log Analyzer (Rowdy) available on our Support site, can help you read the ZD1000 WLAN

details, for you to recreate them on the ZD1200.  I hope this is helpful. 

New Contributor III
Thanks everyone for the feedback. I thought about it, since I am a value-added reseller and partner, I talked with my distributor to loan me a ZD1100 to work as an interim migration device. I have 3 upcoming projects that are going to be set-up the exact same way, I guess i will have to borrow the ZD1100 3x to help with the migration.

In the event if I start from scratch, how will the new ZD detect the existing AP? is there an upgrade-take-over configuration that I need to do?

Valued Contributor II
yes, zd1100 in the interim would help. Just make sure when you start doing this, whatever firmware is on ZD1k, same shall be on ZD1100. as you upgrade(seriously read release notes) your ZD1100, please make sure you take config back up at every stage.