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Upgrading from Old ZoneDirector 1006 to ZoneDirector 1200

New Contributor III
I am upgrading my existing ZoneDirector 1006 with firmware 9.3.4 to a newly purchased ZoneDirector 1200 with the default firmware - which should be 9.8.something.

I have about 25 APs, VLAN config, SSID, all the bells and whistles including all the naming convention, location, very-very detailed settings..

I tried to backup the settings on the ZD1006, then proceed to ZD1200, and tried to restore...

Oops, bad news - the settings is not compatible and I am stuck.

I really don't wish to re-configure all the settings from scratch.. any-way I can migrate the configuration without having to re-do all the AP and WLAN information?

New Contributor
We are also migrating from a ZD1000 to a ZD1200.  We use the Zero-IT activation feature.  Users have PSKs assigned to their equipment.  What happens to them during the migration?  If I had to setup the 1200 from scratch could I import those PSKs somehow?

Valued Contributor II
let me try answering your situation in parts before you take a plunge...
  • ZD1000 and ZD1200 are generations apart so you need to make sure that before you start your migration ensure that AP's you have right now on ZD1000 is/are supported on ZD1200.
  • you can migrate your PSK's ok from ZD1000 to ZD1200 however you will have to borrow ZD1100 from someone may be your VAR/reseller because ZD1000 software support ended at 9.3 and ZD1200 starts at 9.9. configuration Back up from software ZD1000 will NOT work in ZD1200. Borrowed ZD1100 will help you fill the GAP left open to ensure proper DPSK migration from ZD1000 and ZD1200.
hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply.  If I cannot get a ZD1100, is there a way to export the PSKs for the ZD1000 and import them into the ZD1200?

Hi Pat,

No, I have not tried it.I would suggest that you check with support team on alternatives.