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Smartzone 100 and R730 Reboots/ Offline Issue

New Contributor III
Is anyone having issues with R730's randomly going Offline and requiring the AP to be rebooted in order to get it back online?  We have been seeing this issue for about 30 days now and support has been unable to tell us why the R730's are doing this.  The AP's are inaccessible most of the time when the issue happens, but sometimes we are able to still ping the AP and actually SSH to the login prompt, but the admin account/password will fail.  Once we power cycle the AP it works fine again.   When the issue is happening the AP is still accepting clients but it has no network access so those clients are broken.  It is very frustrating and Ruckus support has been no help.  The R730's are connected to Ruckus ICX 7650's via 5Gb multigig ports.  The switches report no problems and there are other AP's on the same switch at the time that have no issue, so the problem is just random Access Point specific.  The issue is completely random, no pattern can be found, other than support telling us they are seeing AP kernel panics and that they can't tell us why or how to make stop.   

Smartzone 100 version is - which support had us upgrade to as they said that would fix the kernel panics - It has not

R730 version -

A few of the R730's have not been able to recover from this issue after a reboot and have had to be RMA'd.  Some of them will automatically reboot after 15-30 mins, but if we manually reboot them they typically come back online and work.  Was curious if any else is experiencing this issue with R730's, Smartzone 100's, and ICX 7650's?  


Thank Ian.  Please open a case with them and tell them to reference my case 965817 for details.  They are now trying to capture memory and cpu state with a custom script of the AP's prior to the reboots.  Hopefully the more customers they see opening cases for the R730's rebooting they will figure out the issue and fix it.  We ran R610's and R710's for 3 years without ever experiencing a random reboot.  We were also running ZoneDirector instead of Smartzone so I am not sure which is the actual culprit.

New Contributor III
Hey Kevin, the R730 I was having trouble at was powered by a secondary switch which doesnt appear to have been able to provide enough power to keep the R730 happy. Moving it to be powered by my primary Juniper ex4300-48p has resolved my reboot issues. I know this doesnt help with your issue but wanted to follow up anyhow. 

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I am also having some problems with the AP R730.
I have two distinct localities with the following problems:
In the first one with the same vSZ version and same firmware, in Access Point, in the Trafic tab, the graph is constantly showing me that the clients are disconnecting and connecting to the AP. Giving me the feeling of false positive.
In the second case, already with vSZ-H with firmware 5.1.1 and APs 5.1.1, all clients in 2.4 are disconnected and connected, this drop lasts a maximum of 3 seconds.
In neither case did I have a support solution, just log collection, and more collections and no solution.

Hello Leonardo,

It is indeed a situation similar to that of everyone in this forum, if it works with the update we do I share to see if it can be solved, if you have an open case with Ruckus please share it since Michael Brado is collecting the cases to analyze from support.

Thank you

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We are running vSZ-H and R730

We had a known memory leak causing APs to reboot randomly.  They just had a temp patch fix about a week ago.

Now we are dealing with random disconnecting.  Student and staff machines will have either a true disconnect from the AP, or will be connected to the AP but not be able to access the internet.  Still working with Ruckus on this.

We are still working on this as we are not sure if this is a compatibility issue with new hardware or another problem in the AP.  

Please continue to update as I am interested in seeing how everyone's problems get resolved.