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Smartzone 100 and R730 Reboots/ Offline Issue

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Is anyone having issues with R730's randomly going Offline and requiring the AP to be rebooted in order to get it back online?  We have been seeing this issue for about 30 days now and support has been unable to tell us why the R730's are doing this.  The AP's are inaccessible most of the time when the issue happens, but sometimes we are able to still ping the AP and actually SSH to the login prompt, but the admin account/password will fail.  Once we power cycle the AP it works fine again.   When the issue is happening the AP is still accepting clients but it has no network access so those clients are broken.  It is very frustrating and Ruckus support has been no help.  The R730's are connected to Ruckus ICX 7650's via 5Gb multigig ports.  The switches report no problems and there are other AP's on the same switch at the time that have no issue, so the problem is just random Access Point specific.  The issue is completely random, no pattern can be found, other than support telling us they are seeing AP kernel panics and that they can't tell us why or how to make stop.   

Smartzone 100 version is - which support had us upgrade to as they said that would fix the kernel panics - It has not

R730 version -

A few of the R730's have not been able to recover from this issue after a reboot and have had to be RMA'd.  Some of them will automatically reboot after 15-30 mins, but if we manually reboot them they typically come back online and work.  Was curious if any else is experiencing this issue with R730's, Smartzone 100's, and ICX 7650's?  


Mario, I saw your ticket 985751, and it says you performed an SZ upgrade.  Please let us know if you see another situation, and then try to grab AP support info and SZ logs for tech support, thanks!

Ticket 965817 - as of late yesterday our issue has finally been escalated and we are scheduled to work with an escalation engineer this afternoon who is planning on enabling some additional debugging/logging on the R730's and Smartzone.  Hoping they are able to figure this out soon as we still have R730's randomly rebooting.  I will provide the post updates as we make progress so others hopefully don't have to deal with this issue.

Best regards to all,

I have not yet shared information since the WiFi network is in a university, in Colombia there was a holiday bridge and during the weekend there is no work there, for this reason it is not possible to have conclusions about the provision.

Thank you

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R730, reboot, kernel panic, apHearbeatLost, smartzone - Just adding some of the keywords that I was using to search for others with this problem so that hopefully anyone else with this random access point issue might add a comment so Ruckus is aware of all the customers impacted by this issue.

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This is very interesting, I have 3 * R730s, two display uptime of 38days, one restarts daily. Ive been meaning to troubleshoot and this thread prompts me to do that sooner now.