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Site survey for Stadium

New Contributor
Going to do site survey for big stadium, when I upload .DWG map to zoneplanner Software, it is very slow and crash. what is the best way to process for big stadium site survey? divide the layout into sections can help me and give me the same result? Thanks.


New Contributor III
Stadiums, arenas and large halls are a challenge to plan correctly using the Zone Planner software.


As I’m sure you know coverage isn’t going to be the problem, it’s the sheer number and density of users.  Predominately for these high density deployments you would look to use sectorised antennas to create ‘zones’ and try to limit the number of users connecting to each AP which in turn will ensure performance.


Estimating how many APs will be required for the high density design. How many clients can I connect to a single AP?  This is the single most common question in Wi-Fi. The unqualified and unsatisfying answer is “It depends.” But it’s also very true. The answer to this question will change dramatically depending on:

·         Key performance metrics (applications, bandwidth, latency)

·         Client capability and estimated number of devices per AP

·         Allowable AP mounting locations

·         Physical density of people

AP hardware selection Impact of Performance Requirements, the required per-client performance characteristics will heavily influence the number of APs required. This number allows the maximum capacity of a single AP to be estimated. Client Capability How quickly a device can get on and off the air helps determine how many clients can be supported given the required performance metrics. This reduces latency and increases the amount of data that can be sent at any given time. The maximum transmission speed of a wireless device is typically listed as a reference but the actual throughput that can be achieved will always be less.

See if you can get or download these documents

1.       Brazil Stadiums Maracana and Cuiaba with ALU Overview_v1 July 2014.pdf

2.       BPDG_High_Density_Enterprise-v1.4.pdf

3.       HD Conference AP calculator..xlsx

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I use Ekahau and have no issues with DWG files, it is easily the best tool on the market.