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Repeat Coverage Area Problem

New Contributor II
Hi friends
i have a problem, i want create a ESSID in my city with 200AP
in some cases, i cant create a cabled network between AP and ZD, i have to extended my network (coverage Area) with new AP
my question is, if i repeat coverage area on AP1 with AP2, all client can connect to AP1 and AP2?
or that AP work as repeater can work as AP?
if yes how can i configure that on ZD?
Thanks alot 

New Contributor II
@ john Dong
your reply was very goog
thanks dear my friend
just, according your response, i find out user can connect to non-wired backbone AP and can roam between all AP as like as normal network with wired backbone
is it true?
thanks again

Valued Contributor II
That is correct! Every AP by default will broadcast the same SSIDs that the AP group is configured to broadcast, whether it's a wired backbone node or a wireless node — a client can't even tell the difference.

The magic happens underneath the hood. There's a hidden "mesh backbone" SSID that Ruckus AP's use internally to securely tunnel data from mesh nodes to a AP that has wired access to the network.

So, it achieves the same end-user effect as what's commonly called a "Repeater" or "Network Extender", except Ruckus's SmartMesh implementation is a lot better performing, respects QoS/prioritization, and self organizes to the most efficient arrangement. Even if an AP goes down, the other nodes will quickly rearrange themselves to route around the failed node.

I've set up such a network with 2 wired AP's and 4 unwired AP's for a large house that wasn't wired with ethernet. They've got security cameras near the meshed AP's that have been streaming video continuously for 3+ months without a hiccup. SmartMesh is very effective and reliable.

Esteemed Contributor II
I'll share your comments with Product Marketing, thanks John.

Valued Contributor II
Thank you Michael. BTW I did notice there is a "best practices"guide in recent ZoneDirector user guides that talks a bit about eMesh AP's. It would just need to be reformatted so it can stand alone and replace the PDF that I linked to, which is still the document Ruckus's SmartMesh page refers to.