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Previous Auth invalid

New Contributor

I have a setup, with around 40 R510 running FW, SSID with WPA2 PSK, located at a customer.
We have had no issues with clients connecting to the SSID. This SSID is a semi open net that functions as a guest net, so I have all kinds of clients connecting to it, with no issues.
The customer have now bought some smartscreens from I3 technologies model is E-One86.
These screens are a nighmare, some will connect and work fine, some will connect and just be thrown off again within 5 min, and some will not connect at all.
I have alot of these faults from them.
"EAPOL Failure: Previous Auth invalid"
When I look at the fault, it looks like the AP sends Frame-1 in the 4-Way Handshake a few times without any response, so in the end the AP sends a Deauth packet.


This is not something I have seen before, and must admit I'm abit lost here.

Anybody have any experience with these screens or this fault ??