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Max throughput for Ruckus Access Point 7982 802.11n

New Contributor
We have a new wireless network made up of 20+ Ruckus 7982 access points. We have a 50MB circuit from our ISP but max download speed on a single device maxes out around 27-30MB when connected to access point. Is there a configuration setting that will increase the max throughput for a single device while not affecting range or quality of signal?


Hi Andy, I checked with one of our engineers and he had to say this:

The 7982 by default has 20MHz of allocated bandwidth in the 2.4GHz band and 40MHz in the 5GHz band.

A second limitation is the client wireless card. If it's a single stream wireless card with the client that you're testing with then that throughput at 2GHz is reasonable.

A third limitation is contentious. If various APs clients are downloading content at the same time, then those 50Mbps get divided among all of the APs.

We don't suggest increasing the current bandwidth to 40MHz in 2.4GHz band as you may see more channel bandwidth allocated for throughput, but you run the risk of exposing, or further exposing, your network to interference.

One of the tools that you can use to see if the limit is between the AP/ZD is to run SpeedFlex, an embedded tool to get value of throughput between AP/ZD.

There are other factors that could be playing a role in your throughput like interference or RSSI strength, etc.

If you have a support contract and have a legitimate issue after reading this, then please open a case and we can investigate.

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Thanks Cordelia,

Another question. If my network card supports the n standard and 5Ghz capable and i am the only one connecting to the access point and sitting 5 feet from it shouldn't it connect to the 5GHz band and theoretically get 50Mbps download speed?


Valued Contributor II
Also note that these kinds of decisions (which AP to connect to and what band to connect on) is almost solely a client side decision. Almost every enterprise AP will have some form of band steering and balancing sort of feature that you can configure, but it is primarily the client side that chooses which AP to connect to.

Hi Andy,

According to the engineer, you can expect to get about half the throughput of the data rate because WIFI is half duplex.

I recommend opening a case so we can learn more about your network.