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How to prohibited user (using AAA Server (AD)) whom try to connect from broadcast SSID?

New Contributor II
Hi All,

I've a problem to prohibited the user that try to connect SSID in ZD 1100.
i was made 3 SSID (BOD, Corporate and Guest), and all is visible.
I'm using AAA Server (Active Directory) to authentication.
the Question is :
"How to prohibited the user (Guest, Corporate) whom try to connect to SSID BOD even though they have authentication in AD?"

All, Thanks for your help.
(Sorry for Bad English ";)


Valued Contributor
ZD employs role based access (RBA) which means you generate groups

You'll need to define 2 groups under the Config :: Roles. You'll enable the SSIDs each group can connect to. You'll need to configure the Group attributes to match those in the AD so a user will be applied to the right group.

As best practice I would suggest that you leave the default group as is, just disable ALL SSID there in the group.

Hi Primoz,

Thanks for your opinion. 

I'll try to configure Group Attributes in AD and reply back soon 🙂

Many Thanks