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Guest WLAN and Proxy Servers on Client Machines

New Contributor
So, I've been working on setting up our ZoneDirector 1200, and have run into an issue.

I've got both the internal and guest wireless networks working, and everything was fine with them until today. We have a number of people in for a training that work in a variety of companies. One of them needs to connect to the Internet, but is unable to do so. Her laptop can connect to the Guest network, and pulls a correct IP address, but the machine is configured (via a group policy from her company) to use her company's proxy server, which means that when she opens a browser to try and accept our terms, she gets a proxy error rather than the terms and conditions page for our guest network.

Is there any way to bypass this issue without having to create an ACL to permit every single proxy server we encounter, as we run a lot of training with various companies that use our guest network?