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Filter client by mac address

New Contributor III
I am setting up an additional wireless LAN for a single host with its own SSID

I want to authenticate this device by it's MAC address, but I am not sure how

This is my configuration so far

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ea135b77e2478e2330_f832d44afae8a8300e805f0829605e4e_Untitled_inline-facff0e8-29f8-45f9-8d02-e9e8238fe965-1494935414.png1384246574

Valued Contributor
create an ACL list so
configure, access control, create new...
name list and add the MAC you want to authenticate.

configure, WLAN, advanced options (as in bottom of your image), access control and choose the new ACL you have created.

That's the bare bones.
Other stuff is up to you.

New Contributor III
Brilliant! Just what I needed.

Do I leave Authentication Options as Open?

I assume if I put it to MAC Address I need to be using an external server.

Looks like the ACL will do what I need though

Many Thanks

Valued Contributor
In the Authentication Options If you tick MAC Address then you have to configure a radius server (I assume you mean this as "external").
Up to you how secure you want to make it. I leave it "open" in my setup (for ipads - as in image) I just let RUCKUS allow connection by MAC and leave it at that. There is always a case for simplicity if appropriate.

Picture might help... Image_ images_messages_5f91c413135b77e24794c513_4e42b713f38ff1d34a03c22680705eea_ACLforZD_inline-7ac6c925-4bd7-406c-baa8-21a164a0d528-905007143.jpg1384276060