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Deployment Advice for 400 room tower hotel

New Contributor
Please see the attached for how their current wiFi is deployed using old Cisco wireless G devices. I'm looking for some specfic questions answered and perhaps any other advice you may have. General comments. 400 room hotel, 9 stories tall with guest rooms on the outsides of the atriums as shown in attached picture. 1) is the scenario better for directional antennas? The APs in the atrium are mounted in front of pillars that blast across at the rooms so signal propagates that direction very well but very poorly behind the APs. If so what ruckus product do you all recommend? I'm new to ruckus but hear nothing but great things 2) If I have a mobile phone in Room 400, that is getting great signal from AP 2 across the atrium, will it send it's upload requests to a closer AP such as 5 or 6 or will that little mobile device have to transmit all the way back across to AP2? 3) I don't want to spark a Ubiquiti vs Ruckus debate, but I do notice that ruckus have adaptive antenna arrays that basically mean I don't have to worry too much about polarity and orientation. Possibly better for this scenario? 4) Lastly, it would be ideal if the antenna's could be detached from the APs. I.E. Currently the antennas are mounted in the atrium but the AP actually sits back in the walkway up in the ceiling. The antenna's are attached using RP-TNC connectors. Does ruckus have a product that has detached antennas or supports a third party antenna that I can buy? I know that is a lot and I appreciate any feedback. Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e6135b77e2478d5da7_96da066df93c9578e8c9d2b902a78e81_WiFiScenario1_inline-de4b1a92-2960-410c-a76f-4321c88e1172-1887041425.jpg1421093008

New Contributor
I've answered most of these questions by now. Sorry that post was so broad. I do need specific Ruckus product recommendations though. Specifically would like wireless AC APs with external antennas. Either directional/sector sma/tnc connectors.

Esteemed Contributor II
I think I would design this network with the APs facing the guest rooms, to provide
better data rates to the closer clients, instead of broadcasting across the atrium from
multiple APs. Using Ruckus, you may not need external antennas. Do not locate
the APs in the exact same place on the floor above or below, but stagger them for
better 3-d spherical coverage. Clients will upload/download thru the same AP, until
they roam.