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Automatic switch off the radio

New Contributor III
Is it possimle to automatic switch off the radio if AP loses uplink or communication with controller? We have only Hotspot with external portal and AAA authorization so it will be better to switch off the radio than user connect to network without the ability to log in and go on the Internet

Valued Contributor II
Hi Pavel,

If AP looses connection to ZD controller then current behaviour is that AP will continue to service existing users until it reboots after user defined time. Time between Connection to ZD loss and AP reboots no new connection is accepted.

After AP reboots, ZD is NOT found then WLAN interface is down hence no service is available.

i think in your case you can shorten the time for AP to reboot.

You can look at that setting at ZD GUI ---- configure ---- Access Points -- AP policies --- auto recovery. Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer
Hope this will help us.