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Anyone have experience of many (between 100-200) Skype users at once

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We install temporary networks for live events and so far, touch wood we haven't messed anything up too badly 🙂

I've been asked last minute, as in the event is next week, to to help out a new client who has no faith in their venue's ability to run multiple Skype users.

Exact requirements are brief at the minute but I do know there will be only be 200 people but they go off to learn how to use Skype and other homeworking apps.

 really going to be a clever thing to try and I have no way of simulating that many users at once.

There will only be around 200 people on the event which for general internet isn't a problem, but these guys are being trained how to use Skype and other remote networking tools. I just don't know how this is going to pan out with loads of people hitting Skype at the same time.

So any experiences good or bad will be more than welcome.

Thank you


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No high density skype experience but interested in your situation.

Possible concern (for it to be shot down) - I think skype always routes through web servers - ie always uses a man-in-middle approach. So you might provide overkill local AP infrastructure but find the sticking point is the venues internet bandwidth. Not your fault but it will reflect on you regardless!

Worst case scenario  of 200 people video skyping at poss 1Mb/s is going to need a damn good connection and some overhead to maintain QOS priority which all the clients will be clamouring for!

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunatley we didn't get chance to have a go with this, the end client went with the in-house wifi.It didn't go well for them. They didn't get chance to use Skype or anything really, the venue fell over way before half of the delegates had even connected their devices.