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Adding ZF2942 to existing network - no Wired connection

New Contributor
I have a client that is running a 5 ZF-2942 AP environment.
Each AP is wired to the network and is managed through ZoneDirector 1000 controller.
The client has one additional ZF-2942 AP that the need to connect to the network. 
However, it is in an area that has no wired connection. Signal from another AP is strong in this area. 
Can this additional AP be added to the network by the radio signal alone?
What configuration change would need to be made?

Thank you

Valued Contributor II
in simple terms, you just need to enable MESH (configure --> MESH) on the controller however follow the below steps for best results:

enable mesh. this will make all connected AP reboot and it is expected.

Once all AP's reconnect back to controller and show as connected.

configure static IP & other info on the new AP and connect it to the network through a wire and let it join the controller and show as connected.

Once new AP join and shows as connected.

Disconnect the new AP and place it at new location and power it up. If this AP is in range of other AP's then it will form a mesh connection to controller. You are done.

Hope this helps

Thumbs up to Monnat for suggesting that you "provision" your new 2942 on the wire, and then move it to the desired area.

New Contributor
Thank you! Looks like I've got to upgrade firmware first, but this is just what I needed.