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AP-to-AP handoff not working

New Contributor II
Our office has been rocking a ZoneDirector 1000 with three ZoneFlex 7962 access points for a number of years now. Two of those APs are on one floor and the third in a mezzanine area above.

I get sporadic (but frequent enough that it requires investigation) of people having difficulty with their connection when they come up to the mezzanine area. As near as I can tell, the ZoneDirector isn't properly handling the signal "hand-off" from one AP to the next and the client winds up losing the connection (a power cycle of the wifi resolves the issue, but that's a poor solution).

Unfortunately, I don't understand enough about how the ZD handles this process to know how to troubleshoot this. Any ideas?

Esteemed Contributor II
From the ZD Monitor/Access Points page, under Events/Activities, do you see messages indicating that any of the APs are frequently changing channels due to interference?  I suspect there might be more interference around the mezzanine AP.  If you click the first (blue/green) icon to the right of your APs on this page, save the System Info files.  These are text files with AP information about AP radio interference and connected client statistics (RSSI and PER).  Analzying the AP radio Athstats and client statistics might be helpful.