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AP Different IP Pool can't connect to Zone Driector 1100

New Contributor II
Hi All,

I've Problem to connect the AP which try connect to Zone Director.

Explanation :

- Zone Director (Located at Factory Office) =
- Factory Office AP (Using Ruckus R300 & Z7372) = - 242 /24
- (PROBLEM) Head Office AP ( Using Ruckus Z7372) = - 233 /24

(Notes : Factory Office & Head Office Have been Link using WAN connection)

My Question :

How to add Head Office AP to Zone Director (Located at Factory Office)

Many Thanks

Perdianto (Indonesia)

Valued Contributor
Zone Director  is on subnet and
Head Office AP is on a different subnet.

So now your masking is crucial.
For consistency change the Head Office AP onto a IP so that it is on same subnet.

/24 gives

Feel free to point out if I'm being stupid here.

Valued Contributor II
You need to try the command in the POST on below URL: Command has to be tried in CLI mode of Head office AP.

Hope this helps.

PS: I am assuming that AP is able to reach from office to Factory.