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AD Group Control with Ruckus WAP

New Contributor
We just purchased 8 Ruckus R510 WAPs without the ZoneDirector. We have successfully been able to connect AD to Ruckus in order to authenticate wireless connection. The issue that we have is that we want to be able to control groups of users and what they can connect to with their login. We want to limit the amount of devices that they connect as well as the types of devices that they have using AD groups. Is there a way to pass a RADIUS group into Ruckus and the restrictions be made through the AD group? I have researched this and it does seem that this might be possible but you have to have the ZoneDirector. I am hoping we can control the users from the AD groups and not purchase another device. Ruckus is able to see the groups we are assigned, we are just having issues limiting an account to two devices and device type. I tried to research this and came up short. 

We don't have any VLANs in our network right now, we are going to do that later on when we re-ip the whole building to a different IP block and network later this year. Hoping for a simpler solution with AD for now.