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AC // where is he?

New Contributor II

New Contributor II
ZD1205 + R700
Laptop connected mode: 2,4G 802.11n

How to make laptop connect to the AC mode?

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Roaming (and band selection is a subset of roaming) is an almost entirely client-controlled feature. Ruckus supports "intelligent band steering" that attempts to direct 5GHz capable clients towards 5GHz, but if a client absolutely insists on 2.4GHz, the AP's will still allow them on, otherwise the clients will simply just stay disconnected.

The most bulletproof workaround for this is to create a separate 5GHz SSID and a combo 2.4+5GHz ID, so you can forcibly select the 5GHz one when you know the client is in a good spot for it.

Note that 5GHz has a much more difficult time penetrating walls and other solid objects compared to 2.4GHz, so if you're a bit too far from your access point, 2.4GHz may actually be the appropriate choice.

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802.11 AC is only on 5ghz and if your laptops supports only 2.4ghz then you can't get 802.11ac speeds on the laptop...

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I tried to create a new password for 5G (AC) can not figure out the settings of the controller.
In the old firmware it was simple.

Help me please