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unleashed R500 remote access from outside in the home/office without using Firewall

New Contributor II

Hi, how can remote access the unleashed R500 from outside in the home/office without using the Firewall.

The setup of my unleashed is in DHCP mode, DHCP is provided from our ISP.


Contributor II

Depending on what tasks you would like to achieve, the Unleashed Mobile App (UMA) which is free, can be a good option for you to access your home Unleashed network management from anywhere in the world.  Available on both Apple App Store and Google Play from link below. 

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As explained above, you need to add your email address to the "Remote User Control" from the WebUI.  Then use the same email address you added to the mobile app using social login.  If you click the link "why social login?", you will see below screen to explain the benefit, one is you can manage your Unleashed network remotely without changing anything on the firewall.

Image_ images_messages_5fb67d77aec5215cfaaf69f9_145d4009a454d4e8cca002f4f4b9112e_717706F02C274D5F83450924F970C8-2319c6c4-892d-4df2-8618-280184faec5d-2061512539.JPG

Hi tch, Finally! i can access now the unleashed outside world..

Thank you very much for your unconditional support!

my concern now, i cannot generate the guesspass. that the limitations?

You are most welcome.

Guest pass generation url can only be accessible via the WebUI.