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unleashed R500 remote access from outside in the home/office without using Firewall

New Contributor II

Hi, how can remote access the unleashed R500 from outside in the home/office without using the Firewall.

The setup of my unleashed is in DHCP mode, DHCP is provided from our ISP.


Contributor II

Depending on what tasks you would like to achieve, the Unleashed Mobile App (UMA) which is free, can be a good option for you to access your home Unleashed network management from anywhere in the world.  Available on both Apple App Store and Google Play from link below. 

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@tch hi, i download the apps but i can only access within the same network. How can i access it in the outside world? anything i need to do in the settings to register, something like that?

If you haven't done so yet, you need to enable it from the WebUI, see below.  Also add yourself to the "Remote User Control". 

Image_ images_messages_5fb66b9aaec5215cfaaf68a5_411717d3948d51248b1c867dcdb4221a_Screenshot20201119at12.56.36-e7722a8d-6e5c-4c40-b1ef-eae38ef831e2-666728827.png

Hi tch, already enable the remote management.

Image_ images_messages_5fb6730d97f6d57f4e8ceba6_4b8b8fc4620dec9086529a6e4a4c91fa_unleashed-c535d65e-4ac8-4b6e-8e65-74fb96b32274-1992679266.PNG

Can you describe what pages or error messages or screenshots you get when you connect using the mobile app outside the local WiFi network?  How did you login to the mobile app?

Please see screenshot.

Image_ images_messages_5fb67ada31a2440fc0ff996b_b6d5f9916567601541557030ed121c65_126064851_212671430292569_1443-50443f62-b482-4830-b3d4-af8f3bc3f0f0-1045464644.jpg