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cli initial config

New Contributor

Is there a way to perform the initial unleashed configuration in CLI ?
I know that you can do that with the GUI, meaning connect with https on the AP IP address and perform a next, next, next install.
Is it possible to perform those operation in CLI connecting on AP with ssh ?

Thanks for your feedbacks.

Best regards,

New Contributor II
So far we do not support it in the current Unleashed release. For CLI, you also need to know IP to connect, then input info to setup. For most common user, they may not know how to ssh.
BTW, if you do not know AP IP, you can use one wireless client to connect "Configure.Me.xxxxxx" SSID and initial install via Unleashed Mobile APP(IOS & Android). Or launch a browser and input any URL and it will be redirected to "" to start initial wizard setup.

Esteemed Contributor II
Initial Unleashed network must be setup thru the WebUI, and locally, not remote..

Once you have it setup, you can define a Management IP (recommended) for universal access to Master AP,
via WebUI or SSH, to do some of what Ken mentions.