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What do those messages mean on Unleashed AP?

Valued Contributor

My log server show those messages recieved from unleashed ap.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e2135b77e2478ca3e1_f7ec23fa381b9e2205f564fe5684d09f_RackMultipart20170721632040ozt-bbd203dc-833c-4f26-8790-29c3039fc4e6-749544376.PNG1500603528

That is "fdb->dst is null, the dst mac (f8:e7:1e:xx:xx:xx) of the packet is the same as br's mac, something wrong?"

What means it?

And what is fdb?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Jeronimo,

   The 'fdb' is the AP's forwarding DB table.  When an AP receives a packet, it will try to add the MAC
into the table.  It seems a packet might have got corrupted, "fdb->dst is null", but this is a warning msg,
and not impacting the AP function. 

   Do you see these messages frequently, and/or are there any type of client problems associated?

Valued Contributor
Hi Brado.

Thanks for reply.

We can see these messages per about 1 hours.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c435135b77e2479bb782_415264a67258946509fd4c739718923e_RackMultipart20170724688094i0l-7da52289-d5cf-4bee-aede-cb10e74a74da-834047494.PNG1500855628

I am not yet recognize whether it effects client's association or not.


New Contributor
Did this ever get solved? I have a ruckus r600 Unleashed that's doing the exact same thing.

In my case, this corrupt packet bubbles up to the DHCP server has a new request, which issues a new IP to the AP. After a while, the AP gets confused (since it is holding onto the old IP, but now has a new IP from the DHCP server).

...  and to resolve this weirdness, the AP has to reboot itself thereby losing network.