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We need summary Ap list on Unleashed dashboard like SZ or ZD.

Valued Contributor
We want to see summary of AP status on unleashed like sz or ZD.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ff135b77e24790fe6a_a516b627b9ac7eeb2e8be260ae9780f8_RackMultipart2019090354567nfq4-4d2a1671-7f85-49c1-a5ea-7a9b234cb7e2-1623094838.PNG1567498585

Currently On Unleashed, we can't confirm status of APs having list about channel, Traffic and so on.

See below. Unleahsed has just a simply list without details.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ff135b77e24790fe6a_2b633a6499029d45f7b1c6fe0abde7e3_RackMultipart20190903624471er7-157b1f7c-90f2-43c9-b841-7135a59560e7-170905326.PNG1567498451

I hope to make it asap.

Do Ruckus have plan making about it?


New Contributor
That would be fine, but I don't know what ruckus will include in next release.
For moment I get this information using ruckusconf script :

    AP                 MAC          GpID    2,4GHz    5GHz 1c:3a:60:2d:4f:40     2    1    36 1c:3a:60:2d:3f:b0     2    6    104 1c:3a:60:2d:31:40     2    6    132 

Esteemed Contributor II
Or from AP View, Show System Info, clicking AP to AP shows the channels in use.  Not as good as a Summary, but another method to see them.