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WPA2-PSK and WPA2-Enterprise on one SSID, and DPSK dynamic VLANs

New Contributor II
Are either of these features on the Unleashed roadmap? If so, is there any information on when they may be added?
  • Mixed authentication with WPA2-PSK and WPA2-Enterprise on a single SSID. Standalone and ZoneDirector can do this by setting 'auto' as the WPA2 type.
  • Dynamic VLAN assignment based on DPSK. ZoneDirector can do this; standalone doesn't support DPSK.
These features do not seem to be present in the latest R710 Unleashed firmware (

Esteemed Contributor II
Not sure about WPA2-PSK and Enterprise together, but DVLAN was not intended for use in Unleashed (single LAN) design.

New Contributor II
Unleashed actually does support DVLAN assignment over RADIUS (on Enterprise) now. I think it was a recent addition.

WPA2-PSK and DVLAN is this now supported in unleashed?