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Users Being Redirected To Guest Portal Http not Https

New Contributor III
previously I had problem with untrusted site for guest portal ruckus and then I have successful installed ssl on ruckus unleashed T300 (picture attached), but when users connect to ssid with guest portal feature, users does not automacally redirect to https. (users redirect to http site)

Does someone any info about this.

New Contributor III
Hi Muhammad,
The problem is caused due to a protocol called HSTS that is implemented in browsers. This blocks any HTTPS redirection as there is a URL mismatch and like you mention this is not an issue if the initial site a user visits is HTTP only. As on now, the only way to resolve is to block all HTTPS traffic until redirection is complete or disable HSTS on the browser.

Thanks for you helpful answer, so the problem is HSTS? and the way to solve the problem is disable HSTS on browser to all my clients?