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Unleashed traffic flow and Management VLAN

New Contributor II

I am deploying 25 x R510's and have been told that setting up an unleashed network is very easy!

After a day I have a few questions. 

My setup is a school with two switches - one in each building - buildings are 15m apart so am hoping the mesh can stretch between the two. 

My question is where does the traffic flow? 
I am configuring each AP to drop main network to VLAN 4 and Guest network to VLAN 5
Does this traffic drop locally at the AP and on the network or does it backhaul to the Master AP and drop out there? 

Also I am having issues with the management VLAN for these devices and need to understand if all the devices need a management IP or just power? 

As when I have 3 AP's connected and I try to change the IP of one of the AP's it says to go to system settings which just points me to the IP address of the Master 

I hope this makes sense 

Network is based on Cisco SG300 switches and all ports are trunk with native VLAN on trunk port being the management IP for the AP's 


Esteemed Contributor II
Hm, first issue is that Unleashed is designed for a single LAN / VLAN, you cannot split traffic from one WLAN to VLAN4 and one WLAN to VLAN5.
Well, I take it back, in 200.7 I see Access VLAN when you create a new WLAN, but AP management VLAN should remain 'untagged'.

Hi Michael, I will have to disagree with you there. Where do you get that information from as I have that setup and working? Click on WLAN and the under Priority tab select VLAN. Corporate clients drop into VLAN4 and guest clients drop into VLAN 5 - this is the whole concept of a wireless solution. 

My question was where does the traffic flow as I will have 25 AP's running and needed to find out if traffic drops locally or via the Master AP

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For setup, simply connect a few APs with a factory default, connect wirelessly to a Configure.Me-XXYYZZ wlan, and go to URL:, and you will be on the Master AP, so you can initiate the Unleashed network.  The other APs will all join / be seen, once you have a Master AP and network started.

The steps are outlined in this KBA: Can I setup Ruckus Unleashed network remotely?

Thanks Michale, 

I have gone through these steps already, need to find out some more in depth information as listed above which I can't seem to find anywhere?