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Unleashed multi-site management software licensing

New Contributor

If I purchase the license (L09-UMM1-WW00) for the UMM (Unleashed multi-site management software), does that license include support/updates? Is that license only limited to 1 year and then I need to purchase license number S01-UMM1-1L00?

If I purchase a license (L09-0001-UMM0) to manage an AP in UMM (unleased multi-site manager software), would I also need to purchase an additional license (S01-001-1LUM) if I want support/sw updates, etc? or do I continue to purchase watchdog end user support license?

If I add a ZoneDirector 1200 to manage in UMM do I purchase an AP license for it? There is no information with license number for this in the Ruckus documentation. It only mentions the license number if you are upgrading from the Flexmaster product which I do not have.