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Unleashed Upgrade Problem

New Contributor
Unleashed running two APs an R500 as master and an R600.  Both were working fine and the R500 still is working.

The R600 lost communication (PoE issue) and after coming online it will re-register but shows Upgrade Needed.  When browsing to the IP assigned to it, it prompts for the new Unleashed setup.

It is running and a factory reset didn't resolve. 

New Contributor
Additional details, I have tried uploading new firmware both through the CLI and Unleashed Director.  AP shows it is now running

This unit was the stand by master prior to loosing power.

Factory reset the R500 however the R600 still shows upgrade needed.

When factory resetting the R600 and going back through the Unleashed set up it never sees the R500.

Hi Justin,

Download Unleashed Image for R610 and upgrade AP directly via SSH access using local TFTP server

AP CLI commands

fw set host  
fw set proto tftp
fw set port 69
fw set control R610_200.
fw update 


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Justin,

Additionally, try checking the firmware version from CLI using the command "get version" and make sure they are on matching firmware.

If yes, try deleting the R600 from the Master list >>> Factory reset the R600 >> Connect it back to the Master.