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Unleashed 200.5 - graphics of client usage more than 12 hour

New Contributor II
I use some RuckusAP for a little hotel network and appreciate the unleashed approach. Little to little i discover the use of it (i was before on Apple Airport, and I have tray Cambium).

Some question (or probably fonction request for next release - i use

1/ On the web interface I tried to have a longer track of client usage, but the maximum seems to be 12 hour (at most 24 hour will be nice).

2 / Probably some more complete reports are reserved for the Zonedirector (or maybe it's the job of the router). But without pretending to have a graph like LightSquid (or Snort), having somewhat more complete report on the use of network would certainly be helpful to many ...

Thank you and good evening

Esteemed Contributor II
I'll see that Product Line Mgrs see your message to consider your ideas/field requests, thanks!

Contributor II
Hi Gerard,

I manage the Unleashed product portfolio within Ruckus.

Applications usage report is available for 24 hours. However, WLAN and AP traffic reports are available for the maximum of 12 hours. In the future as h/w resources of APs are getting upgraded we could look into adding 24 hours worth of reporting. 

What other reports are you looking for?


New Contributor II

thanks to have take in consideration my request.
The reports that can help a average administrator like me, is a kind of Ntop report to have more information about guest activity. But it is probably more oriented for ZoneDirector user, or it is more the router's job ?
In any case thanks. Regards.


with the 200.5 on MacOS I have problems configuring the AP web access page depending on the browser : for example with Firefox 58.0.2 no way to select a whitelist, while with Chrome 64.0.3282 it works well!

Pl open a Support case for this browser issue so that we can track and get it fixed if problem happens to be on our code.