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T300 A unleashed, how configure the second AP

New Contributor
HI all,
i have 2 T300 AP, i configure ne as master unleashed, so now how i can configure the second 
because when i did join ruckus cloud the AP cannot join
Thx in advance

New Contributor III
Is the second AP connected to a switch port on the same VLAN as the master AP? Unleashed doesn't traverse VLANs.

ok thanks!
i did but when i go on dashbord--acces point-- i see 1 AP connected.
i would like to know if is because i activate mesh on master

Esteemed Contributor II
Are you using two Unleashed APs, or are you trying to connect the Unleashed APs to the Ruckus Cloud?

If using as Unleashed, after you setup the first AP (as Master) and it creates the Unleashed network, you
should be able to join additional APs running Unleashed code, by connecting them to the LAN (and maybe
a factory default).

If you want these two Unleashed APs to connect to your Cloud account, define the AP serial numbers under
a Venue so they exist under the Cloud, and then do a factory default of the APs.  The APs check the Cloud
AP registrar first to see if they should talk to a Cloud controller, or else they will look for an existing Unleashed
network on the LAN.

If you defined either AP's serial number in the Ruckus Cloud, they will go to the Cloud.  If you wanted to use
them as local Unleashed APs, delete/remove the APs from the Cloud, and they will not go there any more.
Do a factory default on the AP(s) after deleting from the Cloud.  You may probably need to re-load Unleashed
code if the AP was updated by the Ruckus Cloud controller.