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Separate Guest VLAN but GuestPortal only in Default VLAN: Unleashed R600

New Contributor II
As the title says, we are running a guest wifi on a separate vlan, which causes the management IP to unleashed to be unavailable. 

This is clearly a design flaw of the system, why offer vlan options if you can't use it for this. Cannot use guest wlan option under a separate vlan at all due to this. 

No, I've got it usage type set to Guest Access for the guest SSID with an access list blocking access to any local addresses. I don't have a management IP set up on the Ruckus network. Taking your point on the 30 net being the native VLAN on that port, it might make sense to set up a management address though.

Interesting, do you have no authentication selected for guest? Even if i select no authentication i get prompted with the "Accept these terms" portal

New Contributor II
This is fixed with update: