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Ruckus unleashed - Devices connecting to the new APs are failing to obtain an ip address

New Contributor
Ruckus unleashed setup- I am adding a new Ruckus R510 AND R500 Access Points in the existing unleashed setup. The APs can get an ip address from the existing DHCP Server but devices connecting to these new APs fail to get an ip address. There are two SSIDs configured on two separate Vlans. SSID 1 - Name Guest - ip address SSID 2 - Name Corp - ip address DHCP is running on the core switch. APs can get an ip address on Vlan 1 - ip address The new APs are reachable on LAN.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Ronald,

Did you verify if the AP's up link switch port is tagged with the VLANs that you configured on the SSIDs?

For testing purposes, connect one wired client on the same switch port where these VLANs are tagged and check whether the client gets the DHCP IP address or not.

- Anusha