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Ruckus Unleashed - invalid password apple devices

New Contributor
Good Morning,

I have a ruckus R500 unleashed system with 6 connected ap. The firmware is The problem is with some apple devices (ipad and macbook for now). After that the device connect to the wifi network and user type the wifi password (correctly) the device reply with "invalid password" error. This is does not happen with all ipad or all mackbook, only certain independently by the ios version.
There are specifics setting for solve this problem?


New Contributor III

I have had this problem on-off with 'all' of my iPhones and iPads over the years, no matter the brand of WiFi AP.
Only thing that seems to help, is to clear the iPhone's wifi connection(s).

Start by deleting the connection giving you trouble.
If no success, delete all conections through 'settings, general, reset, reset all network settings'.

I'm on two R600's and, no problems witn my iPads/iPhones so far.



New Contributor
Hi Jesper,
thanks for the response. I have already try to reset all network settings but the problem persist. In this hotel there is also a Netgear hotspot and with it all apple devices don't have trouble.


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Here's my SSID setup, totally basic with as little options set as possible.
Priority tab : defaults
Access Control tab : defaults
Radio Control tab : EVERYTHING enabled, except 'Fast BSS Transition'.
Wireless Client lsolation : check 'Isolate wireless client traffic from other clients on the same AP.'
Sometimes WPA2 has been the only way.

I would also use something like WiFi Explorer (OS X) to make sure the NetGear frequencies (or anything else, for that matter) is not creating interference on the selected Ruckus channels.

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do you apple device connect ok if SSID is open and NO security?

If it does then you must pull AP support file and open a case with Ruckus.