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After a power outage, our network addresses were gone and appeared. I’ve tried every password I can think of, including the serial number and can’t get in. Unleashed won’t let me select any network. I’ve called ruckus and left messages. I’ve emailed the address the ruckus website lists for support and it bounces back. No responses. No support. I fail to see the benefit of ruckus at this point over a regular router. Eager for any suggestions before I rip it all out and replace with a regular router. Thanks tons!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Lisa,

May I know if there is any change in the network, all the cables are connected properly to the AP, and is there any change in the ISP?


I’m in this situation and I just changed internet provider. Any suggestions 

Hi @Jeraffy 
APs will broadcast the " SSID", when that loose reachability to the default gateway.
Was there any changes happened recently?

You can connect the client to "" SSID and use the admin password to get into the AP.

Also, have a look on the below article for more information and troubleshooting. I hope this helps.

Note: ZD allows configuring passwords less than 8 chars, but passphrase has to be at least 8 chars long Hence, for passwords less than 8, dashes (-) are padded to passphrase to reach length 8. For example - if admin password is ’admin’ then passphrase would be ‘admin---’

If the above password format is not working, then try the below password format.

ruckus-<admin password>

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You have to a bit adjust your attitude -- you are mixing things which are not related at all.

Ruskus is by far better than any SOHO router, and Ruckus has professional support available, which is much better than any SOHO device support ever be (and better than most enterprise brands have).

But you need to buy support to enjoy it, exactly the same way as you have to buy Ruckus AP to use it. If you don't buy support, you have to support yourself,  rely on your own knowledge and capability -- as nobody has obligation to provide support to you for free.

So most probably you don't have support contract. Then you are in the right place -- this forum can help you.

Please, provide details of your setup -- AP models, firmware versions, how they are connected, is it Unleashed  setup or you have a controller, how you are connected to Internet, is your ISP router working and providing IP adresses and connection to Internet, what diagnostic action you have done? 

There are a lot of possibilities, but it doesn't make sense to discuss any until there are no more details about setup. It even can be as simple as Unleashed network in the process of rebuilding, which can take up to 1 hour to finish, or it can be corrupted AP configuration or even image,  which would require resetting and reimaging APs from SSH.  

Information is vital to provide any real help. If you don't have this information and don't know how to get it, you probably need to find some IT specialist locally to do it for you.

Hope it helps.