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R710 Same VLAN for WLAN and Eth2?

New Contributor

We have a R710 Access point and I need to know if this type of configuration is possible.

The R710 has two ethernet ports, one with PoE (eth1) and a second port (eth2).
The WLAN is on a guest VLAN to provide Internet access to guests outside our department.
Is it possible to put the eth2 port in the same VLAN as the WLAN?

In a unique situation, we are trying to connect a desktop to the Guest network. However, the eth2 port shows that it's on the employee side!!!



Contributor III

AFAIK, not possible. Can you not wire the desktop to a switch?

The VLANs cross a router.  We have a large WAN; DataCenter with over 10 remote locations.  Which is why IT  purchased the Ruckus in order to offset the guest networks at these other locations.  Leave it to me to have a unique situation within my Department!!

Thanks for your reply...