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R310 unleashed (2nd AP) keeps building network

New Contributor II

I want to add a second R310 Unleased AP to my network. The 1st AP is working fine, no problems at all. However, when I add a second R30 to the network and I power it up, it keeps saying 'Building the Unleashed Network. It may take a few minutes.'
Both AP have the same firmware. They cannot 'see' each other over the WiFi, but they are connected to the same (managed) network switch (with POE). Ping between the 2 devices works.

DHCP is handled by my router. Both AP's get's their IP's from the router.

On the master AP I see in the log:
Jan 21 08:38:18 Ruckus-TD01 ZD-APMgr: IPC_thread rcv ping from TACMON
Jan 21 08:38:10 Ruckus-TD01 meshd[19771]: send_controller_config line: 96 Controller connecting error, errno: 2 No such file or directory 

Any idea on how to solve this?

Valued Contributor II
hi Frank,

Your line -- " They cannot 'see' each other over the WiFi"
R310 does not support mesh feature FYI.
Please connect your 2nd R310 on LAN on the same network as first AP. it should work then..


Thanks for your reply. They are on the same LAN. They are both powered by the same POE switch.

update the running AP to the latest version, that can help....

Contributor II
I'm having the same problem with a group of 4 R610 APs.  They've all been flashed to "R610_200." but just sit waiting to be configured while there is already a master on the same L2 switch.