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R310 Unleashed 2nd AP Constant errors

New Contributor
I've just had an Unleased setup fitted a few weeks ago. About a week and a half ago I started having major issues with my wifi. 

Wifi drops in and out some of the time, when it is working my devices have erratic connection to the internet.

Having reviewed the logs on the AP it states the following over and over again:

"May 19 01:58:50 Ruckus-Unleashed ZD-APMgr: IPC_thread rcv ping from TACMON 
May 19 01:58:29 Ruckus-Unleashed meshd[30106]: send_controller_config line: 96 Controller connecting error, errno: 2 No such file or directory "

Both APs are running the latest software version. They are connected to one another via a network cable. One is based in my living room (Master) and the other in my attic room (AP). My issues seem to only be caused when my devices are connected to the AP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Esteemed Contributor II
The log snip isn't significant.  Being that your APs have wire between them removes mesh issues,
but there might be intermittent interference.  Try rebooting the APs occasionally.  With less than 3,
you won't be balancing as much as picking the best channels when the APs come up.