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Problems accessing Guest Pass portal to generate passes

New Contributor II
The receptionist (on a wired computer) generally accesses the Guest Pass generation portal using the master static IP (xx.xx.xx.xx/guestpass) to login to the portal and create passes.  Now, when she tries this - she is redirected to another IP address and presented with the ADMIN portal login.  This also happens to me when I enter the static IP of the master.  How can we fix this?  We are unable to generate Guest Passes. R500 UNLEASHED.

Esteemed Contributor II
If she's on the Unleashed wireless network, she should be using the universal '' URL.

If your APs have static assigned IPs, you can open a session to any one, and will be redirected to the current Master AP session.
(that's what you're seeing in this case and is part of the redundancy built into Unleashed)

New Contributor
Any updates on this?  We've been experiencing the same issue for a year now and have been waiting for it to be addressed via a firmware update but the behavior is still the same. 

New Contributor III
One more reason that I use Zone Directors.

The only way to make sure that one AP STAYS THE MASTER... you have to reboot the other ones.

You could add some sort of timer to cycle the "other APs".  Leaving the master on by itself for a couple minutes. It will figure out it is in charge. Then bring the other units back up.