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Missing "11n only Mode" option and other Unleashed configuration questions

New Contributor

I'm evaluating a switch to Ruckus (mostly for the 802.11ax support, but also to see how Ruckus compares to UniFi; currently running UniFI UAP‑AC‑SHD, which is their 802.11ac Wave 2 4x4 MU‑MIMO AP).

I have an R650 (Unleashed) configured and working, but can't find the "11n Only" option shown in the docs. I'm running

Is that option dependent on some other configuration setting?


Ruckus APs have a lot of benefits. I can't say that ChannelFly is one of the important once -- it is an interesting (and potentially useful) feature, but usually you don't want it enabled, because unfortunately many clients are offended by it, and have issues. It isn't actually Ruckus problem, it is just the way how many client software developers think, but result is the same - most clients can't properly manage AP switching to different channel (even so they should), but result is the same -- you don't want enable it, if you don't need it explicitly...

Apple devices are well known to have rather interesting opinion about how WiFi should work, and often are the worst  to support  -- because of bugs in software and the high expectations of they users. Apple had multiple versions of OS updates with really had broken WiFi support, but latest Macbook versions are finally working fine. I myself use MacBook Pro 16 2021 (M1),  it works just fine with all networks and even has decent sensitivity. 

         OFDM-only setting disables 802.11b clients connections, so only 802.11n and up clients will be able to connect.   

         You almost always want to have set OFDM-only and bss-minrate 24, as this 2 settings force devices to connect to nearest AP and use higher speeds -- as nobody creates now coverage to have speeds in range 1-2 Mb/s, it avoids 2 problems: 1) Prevents clients connecting to wrong AP (located far away), which is still an often problem, as clients can connect only to APs with at least 12 Mbps connection rate   2) Prevents airtime waste because of management information transmission on lowest rates, as 24 Mb/s is used instead.