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Lost acces to all my netowrks remotely app and browser

New Contributor

HI all
I had 3 remote system up and running for quite long time with mix of 310 320  750   also some switches .
Than suddenly somwhere this year my app show no network available  ...
I still have access via browser   - and ...  than last night  I lost also that 
Also my account seems to lost my recovery email ... 
I have always used use login with Google ... but now dashboard is empty - i got pop up msg to  set recovery email  (I already have it before) and it wont accept my oryginal email anymore (with msg  that email is already in use)   ...   im a bit confuse .

WTH is going on?
Is there a way to recover  from it -  all my network are over 1000km away from me  and not planning to be there anytime soon.