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Is the Beamfelx is  completely autonomous or do we need to configure required pattern in Ruckus R320 Unleashed?

New Contributor


If its configuration is manual then how to?


We have a  storage building installed with 22 pieces Ruckus R320 Unleashed .

We are experiencing consequent  asymmetrical RF coverage issue along the building.

One side of the building has much weaker signal than the other.

The AP-s are placed along on center axis of the building in a straight line.

With equal distances.

Near to the roof on a cable trail.

All are faced towards to the floor.

The storage building has “streets” from the shelfs perpendicular to center axis

So there are AP-s in the center of every street.

Every AP-s has direct visual from their steet.

We are  expecting all streets are  lighted  simmetrically  by own AP to both direction of the street. Actually it is failed.


 So probably responsible customer person making this decision was not informed to take this into account, and decision was wrong. 

This isn't even vendor specific reasoning -- situation is same with all main vendors, Ruckus is the  best performing from all in similar conditions, but still wonders do not happen -- you'll have some problems in any case, just as connectivity is generally better with Ruckus in comparison with similar (comparable) solution from other vendors.

Make it much better. But need troubleshooting in some cases anyway... Nothing is perfect, and actual warehousing environment definitely is not...

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Thank you for the comprehensive answers!

As I mentioned there all shelf corridor /street has own AP installed in the center and there is no any visual obstacle.

Just one more question.

Doest the orientation of the AP-s count?

If yes, vertical or horizontal faceing of the devices is  recommended?